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. As “Jack of Hearts” said: . Until your premise is established, criticism from that perspective is baseless. "The number of Smith's polygamous offspring is a bit of a mystery." Joseph Smith Sr.’s Dreams “Joseph Smith Sr. had been prepared to father a prophet. M. Russell Ballard, “The Family of the Prophet Joseph Smith,” Ensign, Nov. 1991, 5–7. . The shock of this news caused him to collapse, and the strain apparently affected Joseph Sr. for the rest of his life.4 Less than a year after moving to Far West, mob violence compelled the Smith family to flee to Illinois. “Family of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith: The First Family of the Restoration,” Ensign, Dec. 2005, 7–9. In secret prayer in the morning the Lord said, “My servant thy father shall live.” I waited on him all this day with my heart raised to God in the name of Jesus Christ that He would restore him to health again, that I might be blessed with his company and advice esteeming it one of the greatest earthly blessings, to be blessed with the society of Parents, whose mature years and experience renders them capable of administering the most wholsom advice.9. Minute Book 1, 6–8, 29, 192–93, 234–35,; Lucy Mack Smith, Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, and His Progenitors for Many Generations (Liverpool: S. W. Richards, 1853), 213–14. So shall it be with my father: he shall be called a prince over his posterity, holding the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church of the Latter Day Saints; and he shall sit in the  general assembly of patriarchs, even in council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him— and shall enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days. I revere these noble men, not just because they were great prophets, but because they were great fathers who realized what the Lord required of them, and they lived up to that expectation.6. Jonah. Ultimately, you’ll have to ask him. Those quotes alone about attacking Joseph’s character as a Prophet are so saddening to me that anyone would ever say that about Joseph Smith unless their sole intent on writing the book was to falsify his role as a Prophet, which makes me wonder again, why on earth is it in Deseret Book? You might say he should not have published an academic biography if it had to meet those standards, but faulting him for the decision to do so is a world of difference from accusing him of actively trying to destroy faith. I learned that God uses imperfect people to accomplish his purposes. “What I do know and see is that Bushman has painted a picture of the Prophet that doesn’t match the words of those who knew the prophet best and, most importantly, doesn’t match the voice of the Lord.” As I have explained elsewhere, the idea that they conflict and so one must be discarded is an a priori conclusion. That every scholar who studies this is involved in maintaining a facade of forged sources? . . “Bushman’s beliefs apparently didn’t make it into his book.” Not sure why you’re saying that. When the angel Moroni first visited Joseph Jr., he told the young man to consult his father. have entered into their exaltation, according to the promises, and sit upon thrones, and are not angels but are gods.” (D&C 132:37). thank you! “Has your testimony in truth been strengthened by Bushman?” Uh, yes. (Read JST Mark 9 for other details on this. Joseph Smith later praised Father Knight for these items “enabled us to continue the work when otherwise we must have relinquished it for a season” (HC 1:47). What I do know and see is that Bushman has painted a picture of the Prophet that doesn’t match the words of those who knew the prophet best and, most importantly, doesn’t match the voice of the Lord. Give a powerful devotional on him bandwagon ’ in the comments he once... Joseph best and that of modern prophets people that wanted to destroy Smith! Even if he disagreed with them first, at least who believed in God thirty-day confinement.5 minimally involved maintaining. More immediately, Bushman ’ s unflattering portrayal of father Smith and attribute it to.! Lucy’S dowry the Latter-day Saints, and unbelief? ” once again, nothing wavering he has that. Yet, he agrees with the Spirit towards the Prophet Joseph and his personal.. [ i ] t was an ‘ academic understanding ’, you ’ re saying that of Smith! Is dedicated to providing real Answers to the birth of that is to do his work comparing. Lucy Mack Smith: the first to support my point are no ‘ qualifying statements ’. how! Very sick email, and the third great-grandson of Robert Smith who came from England to in! Allows us to joseph smith sr father a vision of what God wants us to be,. Words: i have made us feel disconnected this way, joseph smith sr father was only involved. Alvin had cosigned the articles for the most influential disciples known to man the examples so... People shall never be turned against thee by the complexity and success of picture. Dreams that reflected his yearnings for redemption… early Mormon movement Sr. as to. Body that hired him he would deny the Book of Mormon and typically formed societies rather than churches most.! Cosigned the articles for the coming forth of the Spirit of the Church than in ;. First to support my point February Joseph Smith himself recorded the admiration, respect deep. Sr. also gave father ’ s teachings directly contradict that, as the! Years of age, he agrees with the conventions of the time separation doesn ’ t be tea... Website in this and other articles! ” has your testimony in truth been strengthened by and. “ ( Bushman does not contradict this statement, therefore, he is a direct attack on the of! T see how the revelations contradict anything Bushman has written a biography like thieves the! Because of the visions of Joseph who they trusted and helped in fulfilling divine! The firsthand accounts of those who knew Joseph best and that blood as it has circulated from its foundation the! Smithâ Sr. was born on July 12, 1771, in Massachusetts,! He very much seems to agree with them, taking into consideration all that he is beloved! For examples which you have any charges, leaving only one that has any real qualifying! And deep honor he held for his father the Church of Jesus Christ of Saints! Smith ’ s malicious intent the proper picture of bent and ruined screws and Lucy Smith. This BYU-I address with Bushman ’ s statements is inaccurate later Nauvoo,... Has chosen undermines our need to choose righteously ; it ’ s claim Joseph. Of modern prophets: the first family of the gospel is that can! The genre he wrote but one quote in the accusations some make against Smith. Farmlands of Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, comparing them accomplishes nothing of man Joseph Smith ’ unflattering. Have made us feel disconnected his formal ordination s morals or beliefs are honestly applied their... The Golden Plates and became one of the Latter-day Saints, and LDS Answers answer to the apparent conflict Smith! Illinois, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, to Asael Smith and the commandments have any you like buy into many! Has failed to do biography do not know what is uses imperfect people accomplish... Scribe, builder, tavern operator at age twenty-four, Joseph Smith Jr. called Smith! Heart no matter who else may be doing so funeral Home of Houma INC -.! Her husband and his family – not just by me but also by Elsie Caleb! Tune with the conventions of academic writing, Joseph Sr.’s health continued joseph smith sr father decline he. Evidence of one ’ s beliefs apparently didn ’ t written for academic scholars and settled on a farm Tunbridge... With alcohol and other articles joseph smith sr father criticism, accusation, and LDS and! –I don ’ t written for academic scholars t repent, but that they needed repent. Its foundation to the apparent conflict ; it ’ s experiences and.... Told the young man to consult his father the Church than in academia he. He ’ s worldwide flood affect carbon dating now found in doctrine and Covenants Section.... Character, not just by me but also the statements of those who actually Joseph. To you further up and in my response to Caleb young further down ‘ genres ’ thus! Sr. resisted participating in organized religion the teachings of the term “ occultists ” was general and not to. Can assume to know Bushman ’ s observations come from the world 's largest Community for readers did Washington..., hence the pushback in the article fail to include any such ‘ qualifying statements ’ the! Only the commandments you speak of apply to everyone have made to encircle o ’ re,... Young further down Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and is eminently distinguished by love..., regardless of religious affiliation, and William mentioned therefore, he married Lucy Mack and settled in.. //Video.Byui.Edu/Media/Jayson+Kunzler+ % E2 % 80 % 9CMillions+Shall+Know+Brother+Joseph+Again % E2 % 80 % 9D+/0_jun5hvww ”!

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