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DDDY, where DDD = Julian Production Date ; Y=last digit of year.Ghost River:Uses abottlingdate on their bottles and cases. They also have a "Fresh Beer Reporter" on their website. Format is MM/DD/YY. 11F5 3SK. Lancaster:Uses abottlingdate. It's near the bottom of the label on the glass, format is "DOB mm/dd/yy". OPA-OPA:Uses apacked ondate. Andechs - DDDY. A loaf of bread has it. Example: 06/04/13. Only stamped on the cardboard flat of the cases. Lift Bridge:Uses abottlingdate. It's stamped on the outside of the cases like this: 'Best BeforeMonth/Day/Year'. Six months from the date of brewing, beer turns from inebriating mana into hobo swill. As an example, lets say the code is 10084FA96. Rockmill:Has abatch numberon the bottom of the bottle that tells them internally what date it was bottled. Check your browser settings or contact your network Motor City:Uses abottlingdate. Marble (MA):Uses abottlingdate. Oskar Blues:Uses acanneddate. Millstream:Uses abottlingdate. West Sixth:Uses abrewed ondate stamped on their cases only. Well, maybe. The company doesnt publicly disclose its code, but people familiar with the companys practice confirm our translation. North Coast:Uses abottlingdate on cases only. For more info, go. 24). Gritty McDuff's:Uses aBest if used beforedate. Processing & Packaging The first three digits represent the day of the year, last digit is the last number of the year. The first two numbers in the sequence represent the year, the next three numbers represent the day of the year. Also, certain beer seem to have a Julian. It's on the case package and the shelf-life is 90 days. Fort George:Uses acanningdate. Bottling date is 3 months before. High Water:Uses abottlingdate. From the brewer: the code can be found on the back label over the bar code reads as follow:XXBYYY the XXB is the code for the wholesaler and the YYY is the julian day when it was bottled = born on date. If we decipher the code above, it translates to the 123rd day of 2012, aka May 2, 2012. The first five numbersprinted are the Julian date. As an example, lets say the code is 10084FA96. Woodstock Inn:Uses abest beforedate. Expiration date was 2/2012 for a Nongshim Savory Bowl Noodle, chicken flavored noodle soup. Format is MM/DD/YYYY. Bristol:Uses abottled ondate. Bluegrass:Uses abest beforedate. Format is MM/DD/YY. The code is standard Julian dating. Big Sky:Uses abest beforedate. Most beer bottles have a date on them that isnt an expiry date, but rather a pull date, which is when merchants are told to take drinks off the shelf if they havent sold yet. Obama, not sure if he is a Democrat is the next entry in this blog. As anyone whos ever popped open a skunky beer knows, brews do go bad. National (MD):Uses abottlingdate on their back label. We use Julian dates. Ignore the L; just the first four numerals matter. We are phasing into Julian with yyddd. date. It's stamped on the outside of their cases as well as the bottles. It's on the back label of the bottle and also on the bottom of their cans. date. Calicraft:Uses abottlingcode. Theyre now in around 15-20 states along the east coast, as well as sections of Tennessee and Indiana. Date is 120 days from canning. Month and year are notched on the right side of the front label. All posts copyright their original authors. COAST:Uses abottlingdate. date. From the brewer: 100% of our bottled beers are getting either a. date, with the exception of our Gratitude Barleywine which is color coded by year and all our kegs get tagged with a packaging date on the keg cap. the 3 digit is the week it was bottled and the last number is the day. McMenamins:Uses apackagingdate. The Department of Transportation (DOT) code is a special number given to tires and provides information that includes how old the tire is and where it was manufactured. MetaFilter is a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. Moylan's:Uses abottlingdate which is on the cases. 12oz. From the brewer: If you can check the code stamped on the case, it is the Julian date and the last digit is the year ["0" for 2010]. For example: April = Red, May = Silver, June = Black and Gold. It is stamped inside the middle slot of their six-pack carrier. It's on the mother case, format MM/DD/YY. date. Check out some of our greatest hits below, explore the categories listed on the left-hand side of the page, or head to CR.org for ratings, reviews, and consumer news. The first of these three digits are the day of the year and the fourth digit is the year. ), But one store we visited carried Sam Adams bottles beyond the expiration date. So does a carton of milk. Format is MM/DD/YYYY.Susquehanna:Uses abest beforedate with a 120 to 150 day window.Swamp Head:Uses abottled ondate. Their other beers are made to cellar and have the year they were blended on the bottle. 1. Ex. Offshore Ale:Uses both types. Reads BOTTLED ON mm/dd/yyyy. Undecipherable without goinghere. For the special series of beers, the month and year are printed on the front label. date. Stamped on six-packs and case boxes.Sound Brewery:Date stamps its cases only. Arcadia:Uses abottled ondate. The first two numbers indicate the month and the last two numbers indicate the year. The air you pump in to push the beer causes a bland taste and makes staling faster. Covington Brewhouse:Uses apackagingdate. Snoqualmie Falls:Uses abottlingdate. It reads the 69th day of 2010 the 8 on the end is the batch that it came out of. date. Brewer's Alley:Uses abest beforedate. It is positioned next to the UPC bar code.The date is 150 days from bottling. Free State:Uses abest bydate. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Which is 100 days from the day we bottled. From the brewer: Our products have date coding on them which is the actual julian production date. The brewery puts a set of numbers on the bottom of the cans. Some of the batch info is on the website but you can always email the brewer for specifics. Printed on the neck of the bottles in white ink. google_color_text="260A00"; date. Coronado:Uses abottled ondate. It's a different version of the Julian date code. Furthermore:Uses abest bydate. Kona Brewing:Uses apackagingdate. I wonder if the commercial stuff degrades readily. It's on the back label. It's notched on the side of the label, on cans and on their kegs. Sapporo is the oldest beer brand in Japan founded in 1876 and top selling Asian beer in the US. Hair of the Dog:Uses either the year as avintageor abatch codethat you can find out the brewed & bottled date on their website altough they haven't updated it in a few years. Nothing appears on the bottles since April 2013. Tap Brewing:Uses abottlingdate. Printed clearly on cases boxes only. If youve ever perused a bottle of beer, looking for the date code printed on the bottom, then you might want to read this article. Currently, its non-alcoholic beers already have an expiration period of 12 months. Format is MM/DD/YYYY. For the Belgian style brews & barrel aged beers, there is abatch numberthat you can enter on their website to get more info on that beer. Piney River:Uses acanningdate on their cans. From the brewer: As soon as we are bottling our own in June this year will be applying the packaging date on the bottle.General Lafayette:Uses abottlingdate. Beer usually lasts six to nine months after the expiry date on the label has passed. Galena:Will use apackagingdate. The beer has been in the cooler for ten months and has a shelf life of ten months. It's a Julian date code. Thus 8JT was bottled on January 20, 2008. To the left of the label's main design. Consider this your official guide to when foods actually expire. google_color_bg="EBE0C8"; I'm sure the "expiration date" is carefully calculated to be well inside the time it takes to sell the beer. From the brewer: We do date code our 6-pack boxes. From the brewer: There is a date stamp which reflects the day the beer was bottled. From the brewer: We date our cases but not the bottles. "08" = 8th, "E" = May (skip I and J), "09" = 2009. date. We just put in a new line and we will have it on all our bottles from now on.Cody Brewing:Uses abottled ondate on their bottles. date. Format is MM/DD/YY.Dogfish Head:Shows thebottlingon the neck of the bottle. That date indicates when your beer is no longer considered fresh, which, for most of our beers, is 140 days from the bottling date. It's on the bottom right side of the label. From the brewer:The dates we have are more like vintages08,09 Apricot, Kriek, Vine etc Cascade Lakes:Uses abottlingdate on the case box only. Black Butte & Obsidian is 200 days. google_ad_height=600; Makers say they require these distributors to follow strict procedures, and have their own inspectors to spot-check the work. The Coors expiration dates are typically 112 days after the date of manufacture. Shmaltz:Uses abottlingdate. The 12-pack sampler box has apackaged ondate on it. Pizza Port:Uses abottlingdate. Best Beforedates have been seen in CO specifically. - Last updated on DC Brau:Uses acanned ondate. For all their bottles, it's notched on the side the month it was packaged and the numbers on either side show the yearodd numbers equal odd year like 2009 even numbers equal even years like 2008. From the brewer: We have a "bottled on" date on our master cartons and packaged on dates on our 12 pack. Olde Hickory:Uses abest bydate. Surly:Uses acanned ondate. Dillon Dam:Uses abottled ondate. Their social media often touts the #FreshGLB hashtag to emphasize this focus and they have boasted that 99% of the beer they make stays in Ontario so that they . Stamped on the box and also printed on the label. Stone Brewing Co:Laser engravedEnjoy Bydate on the shoulder of the bottle (old way was on the bottom of the bottle). Wolf Beer:Uses arecommended beforedate. Southern Oregon:Uses abottlingdate. Has a drink by month of date. Upright:Uses apackagingdate. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The first digit is a letter (A = January, B = February, C = March, etc.) Brash:Uses abottled ondate on all their bottles. There should be small notches in the paper below the corresponding month and week when the beer was bottled. Well, the code indicates the beer was made Oct. 12, 2005. Format is MM/DD/YY. Boston Beer Co (Sam Adams):Clearly shows thebest beforedate. South Shore (WI):Uses abottled ondate. Brewers add pressurized nitrogen to the brew during the canning process, which drips through the hole along with a little amount of beer. It's inked in black on the neck of their bottles. Yuengling made the decision that if they couldnt make and deliver enough beer for the whole state, they wouldnt sell any. Stamped on the front label, usually on the bottom right side. American Brewing Company:Uses abottlingdate. Ale Industries:No standard freshness info but they change the artwork for their labels seasonally giving the beers a 3 month window. These codes are most frequently used on canned foods. It is a Julian code date. Format is MM/DD/YY. Right side of label from top to bottom is April, May, June. Bottles: Only the cases are stamped, on the top. Nagumo said Yebisu beer, Sapporo draft beer kuro-label, and mugito-hop were among the 21 brands of beer with the new extended shelf-life. Cambridge:Uses abottled ondate. Ex: 20DEC12. Wasatch Beers:Uses aBest Enjoyed Bydate on their bottles. Finch's:Uses acanningdate on the case. Also stamped on the cases. It's a different version of the Julian date code. Not that beer shoppers would be able to tell. Then why is it that most American beers do not display their expiration dates, so consumers can pick the freshest brew possible? Fegley's Brew Works:Uses abottlingdate on the cases only. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Also, the "regular strength" Brooklyn 12 oz. IPA, DOA, Stout, Pale: Start counting hash marks 2nd from the top, missing hash is the month the beer was bottled. I believe the best by date is on the beer bottle, and the bottling date is on the case. Here is an example of how to decipher the code! For example, 0639 is the 63rd day of 1999. There's a date on the bombers. TBA calls the A&W company and finds out that you may have ZERO rights to get a refund on certain products, like soda, because technically they do not "expire. Format is MM/DD/YY. Once the new artwork is out, they pull the old one after 30 days. : M051. Pisgah:Uses abottlingdate. Making a 5 percent low-hopped beer is far less expensive than making a 7 percent hoppy IPA, which needs a particular yeast strain and 10X the quantity of hops. For their kegs, uses aborn ondate with 90 days after that. Earlier in August, Sapporo Holdings said during the Q2 financials that its alcoholic beverage business in Japan brought in the most revenue (61%) amongst its businesses in food & soft drinks (32%), and real estate and others (7%). Mankota:Uses adrink bydate. Printed on the side of the bottle in yellow ink. In 1996, the giant brewer began putting plain-English born on dates on bottles and cans of Budweiser. For products manufactured in March 2020, the expiration date will be February 2021. It's on the label of the bottle on the left corner. Free Will:Uses abottlingdate on the cases only. It's a sticker on the top of each six-pack, format is MMDDYY. Reading "Open Date" Codes. Lazy Magnolia:Uses adrink-bydate. The suspect suds reared their not-so-foamy heads at a wide variety of stores. google_ad_format="125x125_as"; Aug 20, no year given. google_ad_host="pub-6693688277674466"; Checking The Date Maritime Pacific:Uses abest beforedate. Sixpoint:Uses abest beforedate. From the brewer: Our 12 packs are stamped on the bottom when they were canned. On the box case only. From the brewer: The expiration date is coded on each bottle and every case of beer. It's on their labels. Format: 03/03/10. Members of Maris family, who continued to own the company after his death in 1985, then sued the brewer. Format is MM/DD/YY.Sam Adams:See Boston Beer Co. Laser printed on the bottle and it's also on a white bar code label towards the bottom on one of the sides of the case box. It's written in yellow ink on the bottle in the back. Example: 15009 would be the 150th day of 2009. There was an etching on the left side of the label in the MM/DD/YY format. Bottles normally have dates on the necks, although the date may also be found on the label. Take Sapporo, a Japanese beer we purchased in Los Angeles, which was imprinted with K1205FL on the bottom. If your alcohol contains expired ingredients, you will not become ill. There is no expiration date but our beers are not pasteurized and have a shelf life of about six months, longer if refrigerated. So Oct. 14, 2008. There are plenty of other threads for good-natured banter between us German bier fans . To the left side would be the 1, of the month, towards the middle of the label would be around the 15, and to the right of the label would be the 30. date which is on the cases. Barley Island:Uses abottlingdate. Minhas:Uses abest before&productiondate.The can or bottle code is the Julian date of production plus one year. Month and year are notched on the left side of the front label. The longer expiration date was made possible by improving ingredients and production methods. Idle Hands:Uses abottled ondate. Learn about Sapporo beers, our history, promotions and more. It is a Julian date that will read, for example, 9121. that is the 121st day of 2009 or May 1. date. Mother Earth Brewing:Uses abottlingdate. Mystic:Uses abatch number. Bard's Tale:Uses abottlingdate. Left Hand:Use abottled ondate. Currently we are bottling about once or twice a month and use different colored caps. No date stamps on the bottles.Black Diamond:Uses aborn ondate which is notched on the side of the label. Dust Bowl:Uses abottled ondate. The fact is simple: a chemical reaction happens when UV light reacts with bitter hop chemicals in a brew, resulting in a musky fragrance. But with the help of industry insiders and analysts, we cracked the codes, studying bottles purchased across the country to determine the key dates for several big brews. Distribution-company employees are taught how to translate the codes into dates. It's on the bottom of the can. Real Ale (TX):Uses abest consumed bydate. Best By date: BEST BY 05/22/13 .Bozeman:Uses acanningdate. Weyerbacher:Uses abottled onandbest beforedate. Iron Springs:Uses abottlingdate on the bottle itself. (Others that do so include Brooklyn Brewery, Grolsch and St. Pauli Girl. Bootlegger's (CA):Uses abottlingdate on the case box only. Ex. Format is MM/DD/YY. Central Coast:Uses abottlingdate. Bottles, but stamp the date onto the cases. There is a blank space and the date stamp goes right over it. BridgePort:Use abottlingdate. 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